Rookies starting their Professional Careers

On May 9th Professional Football teams started their rookie development camps. This is the first look at each teams rookie class from the 2016 NFL draft that took place April 28th through the 30th. Fans got to see future players wearing their teams colors for the first time. The hopes and dreams of teams that invested heavily on these 22 year old kids to be the savior of their teams recent woes. On the other hand it is the first look at the players that were not fortunate enough to be drafted to show everyone their skills so hopefully they can make a teams roster. There is a history of high profile players who did not pan out to expectations and their are players who people thought nothing of who made their names at rookie training camps.

Teams such as the Philadelphia Eagles and newly added Los Angeles Rams traded a lot to grab top prospects in order to make their teams contenders. Jared Goff (rams) and Carson Wentz (eagles) went numbers 1 and 2 overall and have each cities hopes very high. Goff was chosen by the Rams, who recently moved from St. Louis to LA have his team support and the support of the city. Wentz on the other hand was booed from the moment he landed in Philadelphia, a place known for being one the harshest fans in sports. Either its Goff or Wentz these players have a lot of eyes on them to succeed or become another bust for the history books.


Jared Goff

Carson Wentz


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