Journeying out of my Comfort Zone


Talking to random people asking their opinions on various personal topics was definitely far out of my comfort zone. I’m the type of person who minds his own business and does not butt into other peoples personal life, especially random strangers. Over the semester I have asked different people their thoughts on a variety of different topics. For example I asked some student workers if they thought their current job was preparing them for the real world, or asking people their preference of music and why or how they felt about that type of music. Questions I would normally never ask but for this class I had to push myself to try to learn the very basics of what it takes to be a journalist.

I have learned the difficulties that journalist face when it comes to creating a great story. I never had a clue how much time, effort, and research they put in for a one page couple hundred word story. The constant struggle of keeping your reader engaged is a skill that I think would take me many years to achieve. This course has given me more confidence to go ask people the hard questions and not worrying, too much, about the consequences. I will never think lightly when it comes to an article I have read or a news report I have watched because now I know a tiny bit of the huge effort they go through to inform the readers.


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