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They say Millennials are “failing to shack up.” According to popular news articles such as Psychology Today and Pew Research Center, in comparison to the previous generation, millennials are getting married less and having sex less.

Only twenty percent of adults between the ages of 18-29 reported to being married between 2002 to 2010. This is a significantly lower rate once compared to the 1960’s where fifty-nine adults between the ages of 18-29 reported to being married. The current amount of adults who are married isn’t even a third of what the previous generations held. This is a significantly lower rate that keeps one wondering, why? What different situations are being experienced by millennials in regards to sex, love and dating? What is their point of view when it comes to sex and relationships?

Psychology Today stated that, “Contrary to popular belief, the majority of Millennials are not having rampant, or even frequent, casual sex.” But the gentlemen I interviewed had a completely different and contradicting story to share.

Twenty-one year old Sigi Garcia from Huntington Park, California shamelessly and un-apologetically opened up about his sex life in an interview conducted in April 2016.

Sigi Garcia lost his virginity at the young age of fourteen years old. He was only in junior high when he lost his virginity to an older young-lady in high school. She was two years older than Garcia and just like him, she too was an unexperienced virgin. But unlike the frequented articles stating millennial’s lack of “casual sex,” Garcia had a very different story to tell.

“I strongly believe there are no limits to having sex,” stated Garcia when asked if he believed there were any standards or limitations to sexual activity. “The more [sex] the merrier,” said Garcia. “I feel like it’s a passion, like it’s a performance so when I do have sex, I give it my all.”

Garcia began his interview by stating his passionate drive for sexual performance. The interview then lead to the discussion of the physical aspects of his sex life. Although Garcia’s responses were intriguing and honest, what lied beneath the surface was even more interesting.

Since Garcia became sexually active at a young age he continuously practiced his “performance” with various girls. When asked how many girls he had slept with Garcia could not give a clear response and instead estimated, “I’d say I’ve definitely slept with more than forty girls, but no more than eighty.” The quantity became questionable but it later made sense when he stated his preferences in sexual partners.

Garcia was asked to speak on the type of person he preferred to have sex with. Whether it was an acquaintance, a friend or a stranger, Garcia did not give importance to the people he slept with. And this was mostly because of his lack of interest in actually building a relationship with his sexual partners. “Most of the times I just want to get ‘in the panties,’” said Garcia, “I never look at a girl thinking I want a relationship with her. I just want to have sex with her first.”

Sigi Garcia’s statement provided an eye-opening claim. Although most millennials are having less sex than the previous generations they are also less emotionally involved in sexual relationships. Being emotionally detached allows individuals like Garcia to perform more easily in sexual activities. This type of act is sought through physical pleasure rather than emotional investment, which drives certain individuals to be more sexually active. This is because pleasure without commitment can be more desirable than loyalty to just one sexual partner. Unfortunately, for individuals like Garcia, the continual desire for “just sex” leads to statistical studies whom later claim that millennials have a low rate on marriage status.

It is ultimately very difficult to speak for the 75 million millennials that populate the country, but interviewing individuals like Sigi Garcia provides an understanding when studying statistical evidence. Professional results speak for themselves, the truth is that there is less individuals accepting marriage as part of their future. Although 90% of college students reported to a study ran by Rolling Stone Magazine, stating that they would like to get married one day, none of them stated that they had it planned for the near future. This could very much be based on the controversial relationships that young adults have built between each other.

The millennial generation has socially expanded to a point of comfort and confidence. Although statistical data states that millennials are less sexually involved than previous generations, individuals like Sigi Garcia contradicts the overall claim. After all, whether or not individuals choose to be sexually active at an early or later age, it’s up to the individuals themselves to find the correct and comfortable way to their sexual lifestyles.


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