LIFTing Poverty



Poverty is a breakable cycle that is unfortunately not torn because of fear and timidity.  The path to success and high standards of living begin with education but it’s also caused by motivation and an internal drive to improve and succeed.

Often times, the word “revolution” is associated with violence and an overthrow of an unwanted issue. In that case, the need of a revolution in order to change the issue on poverty is disagreeable. In 1998 a program called LIFT was founded by college students to assist less fortunate individuals who have been affected by poverty. The program is impressive and in fact, revolutionary.

LIFT is ran by volunteers who help low income individuals in many ways. The best part about the program is that many of its volunteers have been in the same position as those who now seek their help. This is impressive and demonstrates that these individuals have the potential to overcome difficult situations. In most cases what’s missing in order to achieve one’s goals is motivation. It is not lack of potential, it’s lack of motivation and LIFT gives individuals the knowledge and motivation to overcome their circumstances. Obtaining help from someone who has been in the same position as one helps build a relationship of confidence and trust. It allows people to know that if the person now helping them succeeded they can too.

In a competitive economy such as the United States’, the less motivated stay behind causing a known cycle of the rich becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer. But as it has been stated before, it’s about self-determination and taking advantage of new opportunities. And this is exactly what the LIFT program is doing. It’s providing individuals with knowledge and confidence to take on new life-changing opportunities.


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