Gym Catastrophe




Most peweightroomople come to CSU Monterey Bay for the academics, the scenery and the environment. The school system works hard to built major buildings, parking lots and create fundamental workshops to enhance our learning capabilities. So what about the athletes? Out of the 7,000 students attending CSUMB, over half of these students use the gym for their facilities.

The weight room that is located inside the gym has multiple complaints due to the size and how little room there is. Students have to sprawl out everyone on the floor for different activities and if it is too crowded they may come back another time. If you look at the ratio between the amount of students using the gym to how many weights we have, then we clearly do not have a good variety. weight room

Another set back is the gym itself. The basketball gym is shared with Women’s Volleyball, Women’s Basketball and Men’s Basketball while also trying to keep it open to the public. Now being an athlete writing this then I would know that we do not want to share our gym with the public. By everyone coming in to use it, students do not wear appropriate shoes which scratch the floor, others decide o spit their gum and leave it for us to pick up or leaving nasty sweat drips for us to slide on.

Since people use this facility so much, than why don’t we expand the gym into to separate ones? One for athletes and another for the public, that way they will be free for each person at certain times. By redoing the gym and weight room, more people will want to use our facilities to keep in shape rather than paying money to go to another gym. Let’s keep the students happy and change the school gym.



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