The impact of Social Media on Dating:


Only a few decades ago “online dating” was literally non-existent and at one point was seen as a last bid attempt for the desperate, however the internet is now one of the most popular ways for today’s youth to connect and build romantic relationships.

“Finding the one”

Gone are the days of love notes and summoning up the courage to approach your crush. Twenty first century dating consists of friend requests, “swiping right” and suggestive emoji’s. Thanks to social media we now have access to an enormous pool of potential partners from all over the world that we may never have crossed paths with otherwise; however it’s also created a generation of high expectations and shallow minds. Apps like Tinder encourages people to be superficial and select (swipe right) people based on their profile pictures.
“Getting to know them”

Social media gives us the ability to choose how we are presented, which may not be an accurate reflection of one’s true self. We have time to think about what we say to each other during online conversations which may not necessarily be what you would say during face-to-face interaction. Chatting online may be a blessing for the introverted as it can give people a confidence to open up about things that they may feel uncomfortable discussing in person however it is, effectively, stifling our social skills.

“Keeping in touch”

A survey reports 59% of teens feel social media “makes them feel more connected with what is going on in their significant other’s life” and 44% say social media helps them feel emotionally closer to their significant other”. Distance and busy schedules are no longer deal breakers when dating as we can now stay connected through instant messaging and updating our profiles with what’s going on in our lives.

“The Break Up”

For the heartless, breaking up with someone need not be an emotional or tempestuous experience as ending a relationship could be as simple as sending a few messages, however the aftermath may not be so easy. We now have to deal with the change of the Facebook status and flurry of “look how much fun I’m having without you ” pictures that follows.

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