The Wrongs A Reporter Can Do


Art has always been a passion that I wished I had acquired, unfortunately I never really wanted to work hard in achieving this goal. It has always been a hobby I desired, but never got around to it. When contemplating what to do my Out of the Comfort Zone article, I thought about art immediately because how many times in my life will I get this opportunity to research in depth about art. Through this investigation of art, I struggled with finding the time to meet with art majors and instructors about what they had to say. I had multiple conflicting agendas with art majors and never knew what kind of questions to ask. The last thing I wanted was one of them to say, “Oh you don’t know that?” or “Who is this girl?.” Other than these dilemmas showing up, I have not encountered any other issues. It was hard to find time and work with others to cover this issue.

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