Sex Ethics: How Your Number May Affect Your Reputation


For my “Sex on Campus” project, the topic that I will be writing about is how the number of people that you’ve slept with affects your reputation differently as a girl/guy. While coming up with this topic and thinking of people to interview and what to ask them, I realized that I need to be very careful about the questions that I ask, what I print, and who I am asking. Sex can be a sensitive topic and should not be taken very lightly or as a joke. Some of the ethical issues that may cause some problems within my topic are that everyone has different views and opinions when it comes to expressing your sexuality. Some people are extremely modest while others may be more promiscuous. Everyone has different views about what is “right” or “wrong” when it comes down to sexual activity and how many people you’ve interacted with. For example, some guys/girls may not care about how many people you’ve slept with, while others might care a lot. Another major issue that I want to try and avoid is that I do not want to interview someone and have their opinion offend people. Although there is a freedom of speech, I do not want to seem bias or make it seem like my article is slut-shaming people. I do not want to offend guys/girls who are on the more modest side and/or guys/girls who are more promiscuous. I want my article to just state facts on how the number of people that you’ve slept with can affect you negatively or positively whether you are male or female.

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