Athletes’ reputations on social media

Topic: sports media/athletes and social media

My project will be exploring media in the sports industry, how it works today, where it will go in the future, and athletes’ use of social media.

An ethical issue I might encounter in this project is covering a wide range of perspectives from athletes. I will need to include athletes from multiple sports in order to have the most accurate results for how they use social media. This project needs to have a diverse set of perspectives on how social media affects athletes.

Another dilemma is that I will need to leave my bias out of the project. As I already have personal opinions on athletes using social media, I can’t let that interfere with what the athletes say about it. It has the possibility of distorting facts. The purpose of the project is to tell athletes’ real stories and reveal their perspectives.

There have been cases of athletes getting in trouble for breaking policies on the use of social media. Social media affects athletes’ reputations, so I will need to make sure what I say about these situations is ethical and make sure it doesn’t show an inaccurate side to athletes.

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