No Real Champion


A month ago a riot occurred in the state of Ohio.  When you read that sentence, you would think a gang attack or a brawl in the streets; however that isn’t the case.  The riot took place on the basketball court of a girls championship basketball game.  A championship game between North High School and Kenmore High School, who are city rivals, should have ended after a Kenmore 64-52 victory, but that didn’t happen.

The brawl started when Tia Balknight, North High School player, assaulted Kenmore high schools head coach.  Followed by Tia’s twin sister, Taya Balknight, and a 15 year old Kenmore player to join in on the fight.  This brawl was filled with players, coaches, and even people in the stands rushing the court to join in.  The police had to use pepper spray to settle the dilemma that had arisen.

The reporting on this story is a shortcoming because I have read through a couple articles and there was information on the issue, but no interviews were taken, other than from the police.  The reporters should have tried to set up interviews or get quotes from spectators.

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