Kam Chancellor: A Heroin Addict?



An incident occurred earlier last month involving well known Seattle Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor.  Chancellor has been in search of a gym to purchase and he heard about one closing down in Redmond, Washington.  He decided to go check it out, while bringing some of his buddies along with him.  He saw some employees standing at the front desk, so he knocked on the door to get their attention.  A couple of the female employees started yelling to him, that they would call the cops.  A few moments later they called the cops.

Once the cops arrived they shrugged it off because they recognized Kam Chancellor and Kam Chancellor explained why he was knocking on the door of the gym.  The interesting part of this story is why the female employee called the cops.  She stated “I don’t know if they’re homeless kids. I know that there used to be a lot of heroin addicts around here.”

I enjoyed the style and flow of this article.  The writer did a great job of capturing quotes from all different sources.  He received quotes from Kam Chancellor, the gym owner, the police officers, and the female employee who called 911.  The writer also added a picture of tweets made by Kam Chancellor and the Mayor of Redmond, Washington in this post.  Overall, this article was straight to the point, flowed well, and kept me intrigued the whole time.

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