Insurance Policy’s for College Athletes?

     Jaylon Smith was a projected top 5 pick in this years NFL draft… that was before he tore his ACL and LCL in Notre Dame’s bowl game this past New Years. Tearing your ACL has recently become one of the popular injuries in football. So what does this mean for Smith? After his surgery and not being able to work out for professional scouts there are a lot of question marks surrounding Smith and whether or not he will be able to perform at the pro level. That is the risk for these young college athletes. Recently high profile college athletes are taking out huge insurance policies worth millions of dollars for possible injuries. For Smith his policy was worth 5 million dollars in case he fell out of the first round because of injuries. Other high profile college football players have obtained these huge insurance policies in case of career ending injuries these players include Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater, and Jadeveon Clowney.

     I agree with these players in wanting some insurance. These players sacrifice their bodies and time to perform at high levels and give their schools a good name. Why should they sacrifice there bodies and their time for a school? College athletes are under a lot of stress to keep up good grades, attend practices, and even off-season work outs. The high profile players are constantly under the microscope so they have to be extra safe. It is almost as if they already a professional athlete but they have the added weight of class and trying to enjoy college life. These students do more than the average college student and a insurance policy for these superstars is just a safety net so they wont ruin their futures.


Jaylon Smith being carted off with an ACL injury in Norte Dame New Years Bowl Game loss

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