Devil Worship and the Music Industry


Is Satanism a trend in Hollywood?

The music industry is a whirlwind of different artists, genres, and styles. Breaking into this industry is like winning the lottery, only happens to one in a million. The goal for most is to “make it” in Hollywood, where one’s talent can accumulate the most money and gain the most notoriety. However, what does it take to get there? Most believe that it takes natural merit, like talent and perseverance. Others believe it’s all about who you know, showbiz is all about connections. Luck is another theory; being at the right place during the right time. While the less popular opinion is coming from a darker view on Hollywood stardom. Conspiracy theorists believe that these young starlets sell their souls to the Devil in order to achieve fame.

Hollywood is believed to be the playground of Satanism. Now I know what you’re thinking… this girl is crazy. However, some lyrics and images coming from the music industry lead conspiracy theorists to believe otherwise. After doing some research myself, I might believe some of this to be true as well. Firstly, I understand that nobody likes to talk about religion, but it’s hard to leave religion out of it since Satanism is a religion itself.  The practice of Satanism is Devil worship and overindulgence. The opposite of Christianity’s views on absence. Satanism believes one should “Do What Thou Wilt” in a world without a moral compass just fleshly pleasure, self belief and Satan worship — through human and animal blood sacrifice.

I will proceed to name some of the reasoning behind these theories: The pop singer Ke$ha is one of the most outwardly satanic starlets. She famously drank blood from an animal heart on stage during the Brisbane Future Music Festival in Australia in 2011, as a sacrifice ritual. That same year, she tweeted fans to send her their teeth for a headpiece. Also, in her video “Die Young” she is singing at an abandoned church with a bright and shining pentagram lit behind her.

Let us take a look at the king and queen of mainstream music; the power couple, Jay Z and Beyoncé. Jay Z has astounding lyrics speaking of Satanism in metaphors all throughout his music. He even has a song called Lucifer where he appears to be calling on to him. Another song titles, Heaven shares lyrics like, “God in the flesh. Live among the serpents. Turn arenas into churches.” Satanism teachings encourage one to think of oneself as their own God. Jay Z calls himself Hova or Jehovah, which means God. He was also filmed wearing a sweater with the words “Do That Thou Wilt,” which is stated in the satanic bible and quoted from Aleister Crowley – who claimed to be the wickedest man on earth.

Beyoncé believes that a spirit possesses her when she performs, she calls her Sasha Fierce. In an interview done in 2003, speaking of her first coming out performance at the BET awards that same year, Beyoncé describes that when she raised her hands before her performance, Sasha came “into her.” Also, Beyoncé has been photographed wearing the symbolism of the beast or Satan in photoshoots. Beyoncé and Jay Z both throw up the Roc-A-Fella sign, which is the name of Jay Z’s recording company, but that is also the same looking pyramid that satanic churches use in their opening ceremony to call upon evil spirits.

These theories extend to other artists like Kanye Wests’ album cover YEEZUS, where he is literally sitting on the right hand of Satan. Drake’s new album “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” has a fascination with 666, or the mark of the beast. Drake titles many of his songs with the number 6 like; 6 God, 6 Man, Star 67, You and the 6, and 6PM in New York. Drake’s being featured in Meek Mill’s rap song titled Amen, with lyrics that say, “we keep it secret illuminati.” The 2015 Grammy performance that appeared like a satanic ritual, where the audience were wearing plastic devil horns for the AC/DC performance Highway to Hell. Then Madonna was performing with dancers wearing horns on their heads, clearly symbolizing demons while she is wearing a red outfit.

What is the fascination that artists have with the Devil? Why is the symbol of the beast trending in Hollywood? Maybe Hollywood is just making fun of the entire concept, at its ridiculousness. However, the joke is over, is it that they keep going out of their way to add all of these satanic implements into their music? It’s just strange and too coincidental. This is why I am starting to become alert to these signs and untrusting of the music industry.

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