Got Milk?




Got Milk?

Well, whether you do or don’t, you might want to keep in mind its actual health benefits.

I’m sure you too, just like any other living human, has been raised to believe in the power of a cow’s lactation. Every morning you rise and sunshine with a white and cool, straight-out-of-the-fridge-liquid, floating in clear glass. Ahhh… refreshing! A tasty thirst quencher with a well-balanced portion of vitamin D, magnesium and of course calcium. Why wouldn’t you want to drink your daily dose of lactose?

Well you might want to hold off on your white fluids. Your morning routine of dairy consumption may not be as healthy and beneficial as you think, it is quite the contrary in fact.

Recent studies have shown that milk actually causes a lot of health issues and in contradiction to the popular belief of its health benefits, drinking milk actually harms the body more than it favors it. Milk proponents will fill you with their deceiving thoughts and beliefs regarding the immensity of health benefits that consuming milk is taught to provide. These ideas however, are no more than just devious propositions that persuade people into believing the opposite of what is true.

These money making industries persuade their audience into believing that milk contains high volumes of health strengthening vitamins. But they’re not here to persuade you into positivity nor do they care to provide families with healthy beverages. The dairy industry only promotes these so called “health benefits” for their interest in advertising campaigns that essentially help with the improvement in their dairy sales. Do not be fooled by the rhetoric of these dairy companies because the reality behind the excessive production and consumption of milk may be hidden elsewhere.

The unnecessary processing that milk production undergoes makes the liquid’s natural nutrients sparse and instead of improving the strength in the bones of the human body, processed milk actually increases the loss of calcium. Loss of calcium of course means weaker bones! Why would anyone want that? If calcium and other vitamins is what you are looking for, a better alternative is taking actual supplements which are actually served with the daily recommended intake of calcium for the day.

The health disadvantages of the consumption of milk do not stop there. Researchers have also found that consuming dairy products is linked to excessive weight gain and obesity. This is not to mention many other health complications that people are faced with because of milk, such as heart disease, cancer and of course allergies!

Now, let us not forget where our milk supply comes from. For centuries, humans have legitimately STOLEN the milk supply of a completely different species. This is saddening. Humanity’s level of desire and obsession for milk has made it normal and casual to take fluids from another animal. This goes to show how brain washed society became through believing they had to consume milk in order to survive. Humans are the only species that drink milk after the appropriate and necessary infant stage. Which only signifies that people have been taught to drink milk instead of naturally producing it themselves. Women are meant to stop lactating after a certain amount of time for a reason. But of course, humans love milk so much that they are even willing to take it from a completely different species. Do not be one of those people. Do not be so obsessed with dairy products that you would be willing to take from another living creature.

Be bold and restrain from consuming products that will harm your body rather than do it well. Next time someone asks you if you “Got Milk?” Say, “hell no!”

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